We are always interested in business to business collaborations and partnerships. We work with professional and creative people who, in turn, work with art collectors and buyers.  As you review our website, please include these considerations when thinking about how we might work together in a mutually beneficial way:

1.   Legacy Art, Inc. has a wonderful        network of private collectors and        professional contacts we can              bring to any promotional               

      partnership.  We can not share   

      that data but we can deploy it by

      region, city, and a variety of other

      target needs, as they continue to

      subscribe to our notices and



2.   We think we are an excellent

      service to generate fees, sales,

      and longer-term relationships with

      your customers and clients.     

      Selling or providing our services

      for any of your current buyers we

      can be a means for you to be on-

      site and participate in discussions

      which often create new revenue

      and opportunities for a collector to

      experience their own evolution

      and future buying art. 



3.  ​ A Legacy Art documentation   

      process involves your clients or

      prospective clients sitting down

      in their home or office surrounded

      by their art and talking about

      what it to them , why the bought

      it, and even who they would like

      to see the art go to some day.


      The day, afternoon or evenings

       your customers share their art

       with us is a unique and satisfying

       experience that people cherish.

       Conversations often generate

       new notions about growing and

       adding to a collection,

       especially for people who

       never realized before that day

       how much they enjoy thinking of

       themselves as an art collector,

       and why they earned that title.


      It gives you or your staff a great          opportunity to use your

      relationships and expertise to aid


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