Legacy Art Collections accredits, produces, and privately publishes your various art purchases into a valid and authentic Collection of art, titled with your private, family, corporate or institutional name. It will significantly impact the heirs and future owners of your art and the legacy your passion was
meant to have.  
What we do is:

  1. Provide you with a hard cover Collector's book of your art collection and approach the design, shape and narrative of any private, family or corporate collection as a living work in the lives of the current owners.  
  2. Verify details, provenance and current value of items in the collection using digital data bases and libraries of artists, galleries, dealers and auction transactions.  We document your items with high-resolution
    digital photography in three different file types.
  3. Conduct on-site interviews with the collector(s) for a more direct line of inquiry and discovery about the collector's on-going relationship with the art they own. If so elected, collectors can have those on-site conversations about the art recorded, filmed, edited and given to them as part of their final package. In such cases we encourage collectors to take us on a tour of the art as it is exhibited in their home, office or other locations.
  4. Prepare and organize records for updating art insurance policies which will reflect the savings and higher replacement values of art listed as part of a documented collection. 
  5. Offer an online platform or website for the collection which makes it easy to view, share, show and provide private access to your art across a number of mobile platforms.​  It also allows you to track and store new work for consideration at a later time.








You are a person who knows how to look at art and is both adventurous and smart about choosing what is meaningful, what matters, and what is important or personal enough to come home and reside among your other carefully chosen treasures.  


You have a good sense of price and value when it comes to art and you appreciate a vast array of styles, subjects, and challenges. You have a keen sense of space, are emotionally moved by art, and enjoy your moments of immersion and awe. This is not just about taste, which you have and continue to refine, but about judgment and personal vision.  


For you collecting is a pleasurable, thoughtful and patient enterprise you enjoy doing. It is not an obligation or predefined enterprise dictated by stylistic idiosyncrasies or historical parameters.  As an art collector your buying habits are dictated less by a compulsive consumption to buy, or even a specific collecting goal, but by moments when collecting is a pleasant or surprising event you choose embrace and relish. You buy art when it is time to add to your collection and expand the shape of what you enjoy looking at and sharing.  


Like most art collectors, you started buying art before you fully understood or knew how to structure it as a collection. Today, the real content of your collection is still more about how and why the collection came to be: how new work came into your life; where you discovered the art, the kind of personal scholarship and study that was in play, how pieces traveled around your home from room to room, and how over time the art evolved with meaning, memories and truths of its own.



Legacy Art Collections accredits, produces, designs and privately publishes a visually stunning portfolio of your art collection, simultaneously documenting, verifying, and creating an authentic record of provenance which includes or in most cases begin with the current owner-collector.  A Legacy Art Collection ensures that your art maintains both its value and its irreplaceable proposition and promise long into the future. 


Legacy Art Collections captures the very unique phenomenon that is you in your art collection and the narrative descriptions in the book reflect your personal history, travel, memories, tastes, and choices connected to the purchase and value of the art.  


A Legacy Art Collection is an impressive addition to the coffee table or bookshelf; valuable for legal, estate and executor purposes; and makes an exceptional gift for children and family.   


A Legacy Art Collection is a permanent journey into what you have to say about your life in art.  It broadens one of your passions in an important, fulfilling and long-lasting way.  It turns a labor of love into a legacy.


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