“I asked myself three questions before I had a Legacy Art Collection published for my family. How many other things in a similar price range do I buy as frequently as I buy art?  How many of those things, other than art, still work and don’t need to be upgraded?  How many of them are as prominently displayed, for as long as the art has been displayed, and will continue to be so, in my home? The benefits of a Legacy Art Collection were unequivocal.  I buy art because it has an application in my life and it continues to evolve as I evolve.  A Legacy Art Collection secures the freedom I want to further define my world, my cultural experiences, and my financial equity.”


- Sam Sherman, Lois and Sam Sherman Contemporary Art Collection



And the growth of your investment in art matters, then a Legacy Art Collection is the best and only way in the professional art world to privately secure that goal.


If your collection is meant to continue among children and family, find a place in local community records and library collections, or be purchased by other collectors and dealers, a Legacy Art Collection is a critical and intelligent way to secure the best outcome possible.


Your art can tell a good, full part of the story of your life and the generational life of your family and heirs?  Think about it.  What else has been so integral and public in your life, speaks to your values and your concerns, offers up a glimpse of your imagination and passions, and doesn't need regular repair or maintenance?  

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