Your Legacy Art Collection Book is a flush mounted book which uses a revolutionary technique called Lustre which until recently has only been available through professional labs. In the printing world standard glossy paper has color, but no texture, whereas matte paper has texture, but less color.  Lustre uses the best of both worlds. 


The look and feel is an elegant blend of color in and through a textured depth that gives the images a stronger presence than normal.  These books will retain the clean and bold display of your art for many generations and are immune to smudges, fingerprints, sunlight or accidental use as a coaster.  This extremely durable, unique and rare material serves the generational purposes of a Legacy Art Collection extremely well.

Regular Photo Books


Regular press photo books are low-end photo books that are mass produced using inkjet printers and stock papers. By trade they are known as the "press printed books" because they use the same type of ink, paper, and press print method as magazines and catalogs.



Press printed books are like magazines. They're thin, weightless and lack the solid feeling of a real book.



Standard press pages are flimsy and bend out of shape with each opening.



Thin pages in press printed books easily wrinkle after light playing from children.



Press print books use the same paper as found in mass produced magazines.




Standard press paper absorbs stains.




Traditional inkjet printing uses a CMYK half-toning method. This consists of small dots packed closely together to give the illusion of transitions. Half-toning can never faithfully reproduce a photo's true tones, depths or gradations. If you examine halftone prints closely you'll notice grainy noise added where there should be soft smooth transitions. It does not matter whether a printing press uses 4 colors, 6 colors or 8 color "HD" printing. They all rely on halftone CMYK technology, which is fundamentally gamut limited.



Standard press printed books lose the image inside the gutter.

The Book

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 The difference is


  • A Legacy Art Collection Book differs greatly from regular photo books by being hand mounted and bound on thick inner board with real silver halide photo paper.  You can customize your book with metallic paper or Artisan Matte, the pinnacle of luxury paper.  In all cases, your publication will be beautiful with an understated elegance and like your collection, will speak for itself.  See Quick Side By Side Comparison.
  • Our users can experiment around for little additional cost and it can lead to interesting choices. For example, some people have chosen to go with the largest book we can make (11" x 14") despite having to compromise on using less pages and images to make up for the increase in price a larger size book will cost.  And then those same people turned around and used that extra large two-page spread they had paid to for to show a very large image of an important and stunning piece in the collection. One person used that extra large spread for an item that in actuality was small, but as the collector saw it a huge presence in his heart. 
  • We are open to working with you even if you don't want to use our recommended Lustre publication design format and either have something else in mind or want to explore the options we currently can suggest, which range from traditional coffee table books to 8.5 x 11 print|paper constructs, and even small portable zines. We also welcome any discussion about ideas or examples you may be interested in exploring and will provide you with an estimate for additional costs.

Legacy Art Collection Books


Flush mount differs from regular photo books in having a stronger, tighter, finer, superior core and binding.







Flush mount books are built like a brick, they feel robust and

their weight carries a crafted feel.



Flush mount are rigid and meant for rigorous use.



Thick flush mount pages don't bend so they always retain their shape.



Flush mount books use real silver halide photo paper that comes with a beautiful Lustre finish.



Our flush mount books have coating that protects against spills and stains.



Real photo printing doesn't use half-toning. Instead it uses a chemical process done through exposure practices that have been practiced for 100 years. The final result is a real photo with truly seamless tones where no transition is apparent.










All flush mount books however use a lay flat design, which gives stunning Lay Flat Panorama views.