Two great additions to a Legacy Art Collection book on a scale that works for you.


Digital Video

A ten to fifteen minute edited copy of the on-site interview which can include your personalized tour of the art displayed in your home(s) or office. $1,000


Collection Platforms

There are a number of excellent existing mobile applications for art collectors which are either cloud based or private network supported that we can recommend based on your personal and financial needs.  They allow management and access to your collection in basic functional ways on your desktop, phone and tablet.  We will upload and set up your collection, images and data into a platform of your choice. These collection platforms have a monthly subscriber fees that typically begins at $20/month and can go as high as $80/month.  One time fee of $450


Customized Online Platform

In place of one of the existing collection platform templates referred to above, we can design, build and upload your collection to your very own custom password protected website. Using existing platform templates you will end up with an easy to use interface which allows you to update, change, or simply access your Legacy Art Collection in any mobile, desktop or tablet device.    You also have a cost for name registration, platform subscription, and hosting which can range from $150-$225/year. Comes with third party technical and customer support in addition to our year free support on use and maintenance. One time fee of $1,500.



The price for your particular Legacy Art Collection book is determined by the number of art works, and the subsequent number of pages and details that will be required to capture the collection in a book format.  


Pricing by number of art works:

1-1 2 = $1,500; 13-20 = $2,000; 21-30 = $2,500; 31-40 = $3,000; 

41-50 = $3,500;  50+ to be discussed. 


All Basic Fees cover: Data research, digital and document management, image capture, on-site interviews, preparation of insurance materials, content and narrative creation, writing, book design and layout, and publication and delivery of one final Legacy Art Collection hard copy book. 


In addition, other deliverables include a digital folder containing relevant receipts, invoices and articles of attribution and authentication regarding your art purchases and ownership.  We also provide three years of free remote updates to your collection if new works are added during that period of time.


Additional Copies of the book are available on request.

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