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Lois and Sam, Contemporary Art Collection was started in 1958. Married less than six months at the time Lois and Sam traveled to Vermont and purchased their first work of art: a small oil painting by local artist Emil Sharon. Over the next 46 years the two collected a diverse diverse array of paintings and furniture with a particular focus on pastels on paper. For Lois and Sam collecting art has been their singular pursuit as a couple and it was important to them that their children grew up in a home filled with "acts of original creation."  The art in their home is hung gallery style, with nearly 150 works of paper under glass filling every square inch of wall space, floor to ceiling.  The couple have stipulated that the bulk of their collection be left to their children who all, along with Lois and Sam, live in Vermont, the state Sam says: "Started all this fun."


Alajana and Maximillian

Avram and Baruch

Isabelle and Jeff, Contemporary Art Collection was never officially started. It just happened after many years of buying antiques, collectibles and a few framed classic fine art prints. All of a sudden, on a trip to Newfoundland, they started a conversation about what they wanted to buy together and began to develop a more informed and deliberate search for a style of painting they had seen and always liked.  They also had a specific location for a painting: a large wall in the entry hall of a new  apartment hey had recently moved in to.  The search took them three years and the story of getting that large, heavy canvas through the front door and placed on the wall became part of the myth and lure Isabelle and Jeff still love about collecting.  In the subsequent years they have continued to travel and buy art, most recently from Japan, Mexico and Cuba.

Avram and Baruch, Family Art Colletion was started in January 2002 only four months after the father and son native New Yorkers had been among the millions of witnesses to the Twin Tower massacre.  To start the New Year they took a weekend trip to the Florida Keys and went shopping for their first work of art ever.  It was a colorful abstract of a what appeared to be a mountain comprised of bright lights and splashes of color and streaks of paint.  They placed that first painting in the apartment's sun room which looked off less than 10 blocks from Ground Zero.  In the last twelve years Avram and Baruch paid attention to estate sales as a primary source for their collection.  While Baruch has spent his own money collecting signed and framed graphic comic book covers and illustrations his father Avram still gravitates to abstract and abstract expressionist paintings by living American artists.

Alajana and Max, Corporate Art Collection was started in 1996 when the two became partners in a environmental consulting firm and having nothing to put on the walls of the waiting area both ran home and came back with something they already owned.  Max had what he calls a found object construction and Alajana an oil painting she had gotten as a gift from her younger sister on Christmas.  Alajana's painting went in the office front hall, where it still is today and Max's sculpture found a home on a shelf in the coffee room where it has, unfortunately, suffered beyond repair from the damage of unprotected sunlight.   Alajana has developed a serious interest in beaded garments and has one  from Peru and one from Japan hung side by side on a wall in a second bedroom.  Max still gravitates to found object sculpture but now protects them if the material requires it with glass enclosed shelves or acrylic boxes.

Jeff and Isabelle

Lois and Sam


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